Financial Stability Scorecard

Review, evidence and improve your approach to financial management

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Scorecard results are scored out of a maximum of 50 points

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The scorecard assessment consisted of three sections:

  • Financial Management: identifying the cultural approach and attitude towards finance

  • Cash Management: understanding the potential to improve your cash management arrangements

  • Borrowing: exploring how the business meets its funding requirements



What does this mean?

  • If you scored more than 40 points, you are in a great position to take your financial management skills to the next level

  • If you scored between 10 and 40 points, you have significant potential for improvement

  • If you scored less than 10 points, I would highly recommend talking to us as soon as possible


If you want to enhance your approach to financial management, but not sure where to start, we have prepared a personalised report which provides a detailed insight into actions you can take to improve your approach to finance.


The report, priced at £165, provides a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the firms approach to financial stability and viability.  Combine this report with your financial accounts to evidence to banks, PI insurers, potential merger partners and the management team, how the business approaches its finances and what actions are driving the financial culture of the business.


By purchasing the report, you are also entitled to a complimentary 60 minute discovery session where we will discuss your results and help you to further consider the most appropriate actions for your practice.



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