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About us.

What we can do for you...

Gemstone Legal was given its name by founder Paul McCluskey’s daughters, who as it happened were going through a bit of a gemstone phase at the time. And who said naming a business was tough?


Aside from the odd bit of confusion around whether the firm has a strategic focus on the mining industry (it doesn’t!), Gemstone Legal has since become one of the go-to advisers for new UK law firms looking to launch and grow, as well as more established firms seeking to ensure they’ve got their ducks in a row.

At Gemstone Legal we understand that the right banking and finance package coupled with an appropriate risk-based approach is critical to the ongoing success of a legal practice. With 30 years financial services experience, and over 15 years specialising in law firm financial management, we are uniquely placed to offer independent advice to maximise your business cash and manage operational risks.

Increase income.

For you and your clients by sourcing improved deposit interest rates.

Source business finance.

To support your business cashflow needs. 

Support with compliance

To enhance your firm's approach to operational excellence.

Provide an independent audit

Including AML, file reviews and a full firm review with a written outcomes report.

How we can help.

Paul racket_edited.jpg

Paul McCluskey

Founder of Gemstone Legal.

Former UK Head of Professional Practices at Lloyds Bank and Bank of Scotland, with over 30 years financial services experience, 15 years specialising in the legal sector. 


Banks have shifted away from offering specialist support for professional practices, so I set up Gemstone Legal to offer independent trusted advice to my clients.  With practical experience working with law firms across all three respective UK law society jurisdictions, I believe my expertise can really help law firms be better run businesses.  Paul regularly writes and speaks on financial issues affecting the UK Legal sector.

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