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Deposit Marketplace.

Your money working for you...

Make your money work for you.

Many legal practices control significant levels of office money, yet earn little or no interest from their banks. The administrative burden of opening accounts with new providers tends to discourage firms from accessing greater returns and de-risking their cash management practices. To that end, we have partnered with award winning cash management platform Akoni Hub to help our clients seamlessly and effectively manage their firm’s office accounts.


Through our co-branded platform, you’ll be able to access and compare competitive interest-bearing accounts from an array of highly-rated banks – including instant access accounts, notice accounts, and term deposit accounts - many of which likely offer far better terms that your existing providers.

You’ll also be able to access a consolidated view of all your cash, helping you to better manage cash flow and project the firm’s long-term financial viability.

FCA Authorised

FSCS Protected

Bank Grade Security

24/7 Online Access

paul mccluskey

"Businesses have a real opportunity to maximise the income from their deposits.  Our partnership with Akoni Hub allows clients to see all their savings in one place.  Clients can ensure they get the best deal by moving money between banks without the hassle of multiple account opening forms."

Paul McCluskey, Managing Director
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