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Law Firm Financing.

We understand the challenges associated with identifying and accessing the necessary finance solutions to help your law firm grow and thrive. So how can we help?

Sourcing flexible 
finance options.

As an independent finance broker*, we have extensive experience working closely with legal practices to source and implement a broad range of banking and finance solutions that are fully tailored to your business.

Through our longstanding professional relationships and access to a wide range of funding partners, we can present you with a unique range of solutions that not only meet your regulatory obligations and operational requirements, but also offer real value for money based on the broader market for law firm finance.

We’ll ensure you have numerous viable options to choose from and fully understand each before making a decision, then guide you through the application process whilst helping to present your firm in the best possible light to prospective funders.

*Gemstone Legal Limited is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Acorn Business Finance which is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority No. 822913.

Asset Finance - VAT/Tax/PII





Revolving Credit 


Disbursement Funding

IT Funding



Partner Capital/Equity Loans



Working Capital

Are you ready to improve your financial stability?

With continued pressures on business cashflow, many in the legal sector predict a significant failure rate in legal practices. This predication has unnerved many in the sector - not least insurers and lenders - which has made it more difficult for firms to secure Professional Indemnity Insurance cover and the means to pay for it.​



With insurers and lenders likely to tighten acceptance criteria, it has never been more essential to find ways to effectively evidence your firm’s approach to financial management. Doing so will not only offer third parties (and your management team) a better understanding of your firm's approach to finance; it can also help you to improve your processes and procedures in order to ensure long-term financial stability.

It takes only 5 minutes to complete, but can offer a set of essential insights that could change how your firm manages its finances. You’ll be presented with a series of yes/no questions, and won’t be asked to provide any sensitive financial information. Our model will then clearly outline what is going well for your firm, and identify areas for improvement.

Financial stability and viability analysis.

By analysing your firm’s financial stability and viability, we can help you to understand the financial risks and unknowns. We’ll identify gaps and deficiencies in your internal processes and procedures, then set you along the path to sound financial management by providing a practical and pragmatic financial action plan. Throughout the process, we’ll consider everything from the firm’s attitude to funding and approach to recovering fees, to its disaster recovery processes and financial reporting policies.

Our analysis will firstly help to ensure your compliance with the SRA Code of Conduct, which obliges law firms to evidence their approach to financial stability and viability. Moreover, it will give you the opportunity to achieve greater financial control, improve the firm’s cultural approach to finance, and demonstrate to lenders, insurers, investors and prospective M&A partners that the firm is serious about financial stability.

Moreover, you can access our Financial Stability Scorecard, which we built specifically to help law firms meet their financial, operational and regulatory obligations.

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"Our approach is completely unique. Not only will we source the finance required, we will also help clients to find methods to generate cash which can help meet the repayment costs."

Paul McCluskey, Managing Director

NACFB commercial finance brokers are required to have Full or Limited Consumer Credit Permission, Professional Indemnity Insurance, a Data Protection Licence, and a strong track record with nationally recognised lenders.

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We’re not a bank, but a professional, FCA-certified finance brokerage with an ‘if you thrive, we thrive’ philosophy.

We believe we’re the best at what we do and that we give you the best chance to find the funding you require.

Gemstone Legal aims to provide our customers with the highest standards of service. If our service fails to meet your requirements and you would like to report a complaint; please contact

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