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As a condition of raising business finance, Directors are often required to provide additional security to the lender by signing a Personal Guarantee. By signing a Personal Guarantee, the Director is placing his or her personal estate at risk; if the business fails the lender can seek recoveries from the Director personally.


In most cases, signing a Personal Guarantee can be a key component in securing business finance. Directors are, therefore, willing to provide a Personal Guarantee to secure business finance so their business is able to pursue its growth objectives.

Personal Guarantee Insurance is an annual insurance policy that provides Directors with cover in the event the business lender calls on their Personal Guarantee following insolvency.

Key features include:


  1. Competitive premiums and cover available across a wide range of business loans

  2. Insurance available for

    • Existing or new Personal Guarantees

    • Multiple Personal Guarantees

    • One or more guarantors

  3. Unlimited access to Business Support Services; a group of specialist advisors who are at your side should your business need support

  4. Full quotation in minutes using our online quote and buy system or via telephone with one of our specialist advisors

  5. Insurance policy insured by Markel International, an A-rated leading insurer

Scope of cover:

Personal Guarantee Insurance is available for Personal Guarantees provided against a wide range of business loans:

Secured loans (where the lender has a charge, debenture or right of title against business assets) which typically include:

  1. Asset finance

  2. Commercial mortgages

  3. Invoice finance

  4. Other secured loans

Unsecured loans (where the lender does not have a charge, debenture or right or title against business assets) which typically include:

  1. Credit cards

  2. Overdrafts

  3. Peer to peer loans

  4. Other unsecured loans

Gemstone Legal Limited does not provide advice or services in this area of insurance and is a registered introducer of Purbeck UK Limited (trading as Purbeck Insurance Services). Purbeck UK Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 10345620 and has its registered office at 20 – 22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU. Purbeck UK Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority with Firm Reference Number 756820.

"Insuers and banks are nervous about law firm failures, leading them to request Personal Guarantees as part of acceptance terms.  Personal Guarantee Insurance (PGI) can reduce stress levels by providing comfort to individuals that their most valued assets are protected."

Paul McCluskey, Managing Director


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